Creative Care Options

Maintain or Improve your Elders

Quality of Life.

Arranging for the Best Possible Outcomes.


CCO provides eldercare health evaluation consulting and education for agencies and individuals. 


CCO is here to assist Care Management Professionals and Health Care Organizations with decades of experience and proven methodology. 


Creative Care Options
is the Silicon Valley service that has transitioned to provide quality consultation and education for caregivers, organizations, and medical professionals. 




Sally Hedman, MSN, RN, GNP, CCM
Eldercare and Nursing Consultant
Operator of CCO.






“I was hesitant to trust the fiduciary that your services were necessary, but with my schedule complications and your watching what was most important for Mom's comfort, health and engagement, I learned that you were well worth the money, and helped keep Mom, 'with us' for a long time.”


-Daniel R


“You came in at the most difficult time for Dad, and our family.  We knew we did not have a lot of time left, but what you did for us made sure that we had all the time we could with him, while keeping him comfortable, and in good sprits.”


-Arthur S

Creative Care Options provides a vast array of Eldercare services:

  • Geriatric assess your elder's needs at home.

  • Provide an individualized plan of care

  • Help you tap into and match with best available services.

  • Technical Advice to Long Distance Caregivers

  • Help you develop a plan to manage the care from miles away

  • Educate you to reduce problem areas

  • Educate you how to keep your elder at home without budget busting.

  • Provide information on long term care

  • Provide assistance with long term care insurance options

  • Educate you about housing options

  • Advise about when to move an elderly person into a skilled nursing facility for smoother transition.

  • Help the caregiver balance caregiving and other responsibilities to prevent burnout.

  • Assess the elder's home to reduce hazards and offer ways to make it safer and more comfortable.

  • These are an example of some of the standard services offered. For more detail, please call, or e-mail CCO.

“You gave my parents a better quality of life through their last year together and kept my mothers internal life important as part of her careplan as she lived for many years after my father passed.  Thank you for doing more and better than anyone else had or probably could”


-Melissa T


“Sally, you were a godsend to our Aunt Millie. She was miserable in the facility she had been placed in, and we didn't know it. Once we had her in L's Residential Care Home, she blossomed and I am sure that your scrutiny kept her as healthy and happy as possible.”


-Terry P